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Contractor Woes

Research consistently shows that small contractors often find themselves doing their paperwork late at night, early mornings or at the weekends.

When bleary eyed customers share their stories with us, it frankly makes one wonder when they would get a chance to read detailed equipment manuals or put aside some quiet time to consider how to set up and commissioning equipment to achieve an intended outcome.

No wonder then that they are so appreciative of our factory pre-commissioning which allows them to mount their drives, terminate their cables as per our supplied wiring diagram and have the gear run straight from the box without all the hassles they donít have the time to contend with.

Even if they didnít ask for pre commissioning a simple phone call to Zener from site can see us talk them through the set up without the need to find a quiet corner and read the manual.

Itís a courtesy we offer all our clients, so just imagine what you could do with that extra time in your day.

Zener - itís the little things we do that make the big difference.

Date posted: 2016-03-03 | posted by: zenervd

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