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Free Lunch Now

Sorry but there is no such thing as a free lunch, so what can you get for free?

Well the energy from the sun is free so if you want to take advantage of this wonderful resource contact Zener the Australian Company who have been in the inverter business for over 40 years.

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Date posted: 2018-07-18 | Comments(0)

Value is not a number

Warren Buffet is famous for saying ďPrice is what you pay Ė Value is what you getĒ. But what is value?

Price is simple to understand itís a number, value is a different story.

For you the customer it may seem simple, the cheaper the price the better the value, but is it?

If value is not easy to define how does one compare competing products and services based on price alone, the answer is you canít without coming to grips with value.

Think carefully about what it is you have purchased when you pay the price and buy a product.

Some of the attributes of a transaction based on value would include:

Reliability Ė If the product or the supplier let you down where does it leave you? Possibly through no fault of your own you have now let your customer down. Where does that leave them and what impression are they left with when it comes to their perception of your judgement.

Quality Ė The quality of a product or service is foremost evident in consistency, if purchases are made based on price alone then consistency and consequently quality is unlikely to be evident.

Strong service and clear communication Ė Whether you purchase for your own needs or to on sell to your customer, on time reliable delivery is important. The world is not perfect so when things go wrong honest clear communication is equally important to provide plenty of warning and allow for plan B.

Strong relationships Ė Whether you will only ever buy one product for your own use or purchase many every month to satisfy your clients needs you will want the best possible ongoing assistance. We find that a partnership approach works best to foster strong relationships which benefits all parties and contributes to allowing us a better understanding of what you the customer truly needs.

Value is difficult to define but it is worth searching for. If you appreciate value but have trouble finding it, contact us to see how we can play our part and help your team get over the line.

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Date posted: 2017-01-30 | Comments(0)

Journey to the SOLAR System

Quality measures the standard of something as against other similar things, such as in calibre, grade, character, classification, condition etc. 

In engineering, quality can follow Quality Control (QC) or Quality Assurance (QA) which are different paths to the same destination. Notwithstanding the differences between QC and QA, manufacturers have for many years realised that Quality is a marketable asset, however the term Quality for some manufacturers has now sadly come to mean nothing more than following a banal generic plan which promotes the ticking of boxes.

At Zener, Quality is a journey not a destination, and itís certainly not about ticking boxes; itís about our passion for excellence. Itís not enough to merely produce a product that is fit for purpose, because product delivery is only the first step to customer satisfaction. Our product technology and optimum application are just a phone call away from our Australian based engineers who will strive to bring your vision to life.

Little things matter, which is why our focused private company looks to partner with other focused companies such as Semikron of Germany, a world leader in the manufacture of the leading edge power semiconductors at the heart of our incredibly efficient drives, and itís no coincidence that our product comes ready for a lifetime of service in a corrosion protected steel enclosure Ė stainless if you need it. 
Letís face it, when you have something worth having, itís worth protecting. Our 40 year apprenticeship has prepared us for the future - SOLAR is the new frontier, so whether you want to save the planet or just save energy and money we are ready with the new Zener ECODRIVEģ.

If youíre future depends on SOLAR, then talk to us and we will help you get there.

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Date posted: 2016-11-28 | Comments(0)

The biggest risk

Whatís the biggest risk?

The answer is surprisingly simple; itís getting in over our heads in things we donít understand.

But it gets worse when we believe that we understand what we are doing because we wade in, full bore, in the misplaced belief that we know what we are doing.

The ease with which modern drives and motors can be applied and the saturation of our society with quite complex consumer electronics tends to create the impression that drives and motors can be successfully selected and applied much as one might construct something from Lego blocks.

In the vast majority of cases, current drive technology is such that systems can be assembled with relatively little understanding or consideration of what is actually inside each item.

The unfortunate reality is that in the end, even Lego blocks are subject to the laws of physics.

The consequences of getting it wrong may range from minor embarrassment to bankruptcy and ruin.

If you are personally responsible for sourcing and deploying variable speed drives into projects and face uncertain risks if things go wrong, what basis will you use to determine the suitability of the various products on offer? In short how will you manage the risks involved?

You would not be alone if price was paramount in your thoughts, but price is not value, and the worth of something cannot be assessed without an understanding of the fundamentals and what it would take to dig yourself out of a problem of your own making through a lack of knowledge.

We would like to assume that prior to making your purchase decision that you have been prudent enough to have satisfied yourself that your chosen variable speed drive equipment will fit the bill, so what basis other than price did you use to reach this conclusion.

Try taking our short quiz and see how many of the following VSD issues you are comfortable with...

How about terms like EMC, EMI, C-Tick Ė how do they interrelate and how do you ensure system compliance.

EMC shielded cable Ė how does it work? Where should it be earthed and should it be earthed at one end or both ends? Really...

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Date posted: 2016-03-14 | Comments(0)

Contractor Woes

Research consistently shows that small contractors often find themselves doing their paperwork late at night, early mornings or at the weekends.

When bleary eyed customers share their stories with us, it frankly makes one wonder when they would get a chance to read detailed equipment manuals or put aside some quiet time to consider how to set up and commissioning equipment to achieve an intended outcome.

No wonder then that they are so appreciative of our factory pre-commissioning which allows them to mount their drives, terminate their cables as per our supplied wiring diagram and have the gear run straight from the box without all the hassles they donít have the time to contend with.

Even if they didnít ask for pre commissioning a simple phone call to Zener from site can see us talk them through the set up without the need to find a quiet corner and read the manual.

Itís a courtesy we offer all our clients, so just imagine what you could do with that extra time in your day.

Zener - itís the little things we do that make the big difference.

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Date posted: 2016-03-03 | Comments(0)

In Control

What do we mean when we talk about control?

Some options are, to manage, to organise, to run, to have power over, to be in command of.

When things are out of control we lose the power to manage, to organise, to be in charge .......

You may choose to have a relaxing meal after a stressful day but where is the relief when the restaurant tells us we have to have certain ingredients in a dish because the chef says this always goes with that whether you like it or not.

Or in the case of large chain restaurants there may not even be a chef, the menu having been created years ago in a laboratory and now factory mass produced, not to suit you the customer but to suit the accountants back in head office.

At Zener our priority is to put you the customer back in control. You donít have to accept what the electronic menu scrolls down for you.Having said that, our menu will always include dependable, technically innovative, time proven products offering outstanding value, together with superior technical support and after sales service.

This is what helps distinguish Zener from our competitors - our belief that the customer is right not the chef, and despite having been around for years we certainly donít believe we are too old to learn new tricks, so tell us what you want to achieve or what problem you want to solve and we will prepare a solutions menu to suit, one based on your needs and requirements.

We see it as putting you the customer in control not some faceless head office accountant.

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Date posted: 2015-11-17 | Comments(0)

Keeping egg off faces

Keeping egg off our face helps keep it off your face.

Pardon the pun but letís face it, our role at Zener is not accomplished by designing and delivering engineered hi-tech electronic products alone, thatís only half the story.

You need to consider a variety of factors including whether the drive provides the most effective solution for your operation and what the ongoing running costs will be in that specific situation.

Here at Zener, strangely enough our objectives are not based on technology but on making our clients look good in front of their clients.

Some problems donít appear to have an obvious solution, in fact some problems can be puzzling and devilish hard to define with the result that no matter how good our designs are, success is not always assured first time around and if left without a working solution this can lead to egg on even the most innocent of faces.

Our mission at Zener is about hanging in there with you our client to solve these puzzles and to deliver working solutions, because our objectives are ultimately about your customerís satisfaction, and itís hard to look good in the eyes of your client with egg on your face.

Keeping egg off faces Ė mission accomplished.

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Date posted: 2015-11-13 | Comments(0)

Zener replacement drive service

When you call for our help you can be confident that we will do whatever it takes to get you out of trouble.Many of our drives give steadfast service often in excess of 20 years but there does come a time when they go beyond their economic life. It has to happen sometime as nothing lasts forever, however it rarely happens at a time of your choosing.Whether it is mission critical or not when you call for help you can be assured that we will dig into our comprehensive stock and endeavour to have a drive ready for you to changeover faster than you can get over to pick it up.We are happy to help with any brand of equipment but if two miracles need to be performed at once we trust you will appreciate that we put our own Zener brand customers first.Nevertheless rest assured that we can keep more than one ball in the air at once and we will do our level best to make sure your replacement drive is ready before your truck arrives to pick it up.Electronic drives are in our DNA, itís a business Zener has been in for close to 40 years and we know the importance of prompt and reliable service.Our replacement drive service is our way of putting something back into the industry that has been our life and blood, so whether your failed drive was made by a major and reputable international company such as Danfoss, Siemens, WEG, Allen Bradley, ABB etc or has a model number which starts with MSC, SED2, ACS, ECO, CFW, VSC, NXS, VLT, Micro, Altivar, NXL, Midi, or bears an unintelligible name in an unknown language, no matter what, if your regular supplier or service provider is unable to assist you fast enough then give us a call, we are raring to go.

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Date posted: 2015-05-21 | Comments(0)

Bruce the Kelpie

Did you know?

Alsatians and Great Danes may look imposing but Bruce the home grown Kelpie will outlast Wolfgang and Dagmar because he was bred for Australia. So, long after Wolfgang the German Sheppard and Dagmar the Great Dane have expired Bruce will be rounding up sheep to his heartís content.

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Date posted: 2014-12-16 | Comments(0)

Anythingís possible Ė well most things.

The great John Lennon and Paul McCartney got it right in their Beatles song lyrics when they said:ďThereís nothing you can do that canít be doneĒ.

It stands to reason if itís been done before you can do it again. At Zener we have been doing things for many years, finding solutions and solving problems. Chances are we have seen your problem before, so rather than reinvent the wheel, give us a call and benefit from our experience.

Even if your problem is unique we have the persistence and attitude to deliver a solution.

Call Zener now and find out the meaning of thereís nothing you can do that canít be done. 
Zener: - your variable speed drive and electronic soft starter solution specialist.

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Date posted: 2014-09-24 | Comments(0)