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In Control

What do we mean when we talk about control?

Some options are, to manage, to organise, to run, to have power over, to be in command of.

When things are out of control we lose the power to manage, to organise, to be in charge .......

You may choose to have a relaxing meal after a stressful day but where is the relief when the restaurant tells us we have to have certain ingredients in a dish because the chef says this always goes with that whether you like it or not.

Or in the case of large chain restaurants there may not even be a chef, the menu having been created years ago in a laboratory and now factory mass produced, not to suit you the customer but to suit the accountants back in head office.

At Zener our priority is to put you the customer back in control. You donít have to accept what the electronic menu scrolls down for you.Having said that, our menu will always include dependable, technically innovative, time proven products offering outstanding value, together with superior technical support and after sales service.

This is what helps distinguish Zener from our competitors - our belief that the customer is right not the chef, and despite having been around for years we certainly donít believe we are too old to learn new tricks, so tell us what you want to achieve or what problem you want to solve and we will prepare a solutions menu to suit, one based on your needs and requirements.

We see it as putting you the customer in control not some faceless head office accountant.

Date posted: 2015-11-17 | posted by: zenervd

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