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Keeping egg off faces

Keeping egg off our face helps keep it off your face.

Pardon the pun but letís face it, our role at Zener is not accomplished by designing and delivering engineered hi-tech electronic products alone, thatís only half the story.

You need to consider a variety of factors including whether the drive provides the most effective solution for your operation and what the ongoing running costs will be in that specific situation.

Here at Zener, strangely enough our objectives are not based on technology but on making our clients look good in front of their clients.

Some problems donít appear to have an obvious solution, in fact some problems can be puzzling and devilish hard to define with the result that no matter how good our designs are, success is not always assured first time around and if left without a working solution this can lead to egg on even the most innocent of faces.

Our mission at Zener is about hanging in there with you our client to solve these puzzles and to deliver working solutions, because our objectives are ultimately about your customerís satisfaction, and itís hard to look good in the eyes of your client with egg on your face.

Keeping egg off faces Ė mission accomplished.

Date posted: 2015-11-13 | posted by: zenervd

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