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The biggest risk

Whatís the biggest risk?

The answer is surprisingly simple; itís getting in over our heads in things we donít understand.

But it gets worse when we believe that we understand what we are doing because we wade in, full bore, in the misplaced belief that we know what we are doing.

The ease with which modern drives and motors can be applied and the saturation of our society with quite complex consumer electronics tends to create the impression that drives and motors can be successfully selected and applied much as one might construct something from Lego blocks.

In the vast majority of cases, current drive technology is such that systems can be assembled with relatively little understanding or consideration of what is actually inside each item.

The unfortunate reality is that in the end, even Lego blocks are subject to the laws of physics.

The consequences of getting it wrong may range from minor embarrassment to bankruptcy and ruin.

If you are personally responsible for sourcing and deploying variable speed drives into projects and face uncertain risks if things go wrong, what basis will you use to determine the suitability of the various products on offer? In short how will you manage the risks involved?

You would not be alone if price was paramount in your thoughts, but price is not value, and the worth of something cannot be assessed without an understanding of the fundamentals and what it would take to dig yourself out of a problem of your own making through a lack of knowledge.

We would like to assume that prior to making your purchase decision that you have been prudent enough to have satisfied yourself that your chosen variable speed drive equipment will fit the bill, so what basis other than price did you use to reach this conclusion.

Try taking our short quiz and see how many of the following VSD issues you are comfortable with...

How about terms like EMC, EMI, C-Tick Ė how do they interrelate and how do you ensure system compliance.

EMC shielded cable Ė how does it work? Where should it be earthed and should it be earthed at one end or both ends? Really - why is it so? Would you feel comfortable explaining the relevant physics?

Other points of consideration are the applicable Australian Standards.What bearing does the AS61800 suit of standards have on VSDíS, or how about AS60034?

In many instances most of these examples will not raise their heads, and even if they do, with the right knowledge and experience many problems can be rectified at remarkably little cost or disruption, however others may require major rework of the installation at great expense and disturbance. The key words are knowledge and experience.

So how did you go? If you know how to handle these issues correctly OR know when you donít know the answer then well done, you probably know enough to keep yourself out of trouble and some tricky and expensive situations by not getting in over your head in things you donít understand.

We donít hold ourselves out to be consultants but we have seen almost every imaginable problem and issue when it comes to drives and that experience and knowledge are part of the package when you purchase a Zener solution.

We make our living out of our core business designing, building and delivering VSD solutions.

We donít make a living out of fixing other peopleís problems, but we are often seen as the last hope by some, up to their necks and drowning in apparently insurmountable drive, motor, controls, lifts, generators, fire system etc incompatibility issues. We always help when we can but ask yourself why would you need to be calling us if the players involved knew the answers Ė simple they either donít know or donít want to know.

It wouldnít be the first time we have had to tell someone that the cure is worse than the disease and they have realised too late it will cost them their shirt, so how will you manage your biggest risk?

Zener - the local knowledge and experience. Come to us before it comes to the crunch.

Date posted: 2016-03-14 | posted by: zenervd

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